ENGLISH Charlemagne, friend of the Jews, enemy of the folk

by John de Nugent on August 21, 2014


  • John D. NugentThe more I learn about Charlemagne the more I loathe the man.
  • John D. NugentKind of a FDR of his day, a total tool of the Jews.
  • John D. NugentBeheaded thousands of Saxon nobles at Verden for refusing to renounce Odinism, their native religion.
  • John D. NugentPermitted Jews to engage in the white slave trade. He captured thousands of white Slavic boys and girls (for him, as a fanatic Catholic, those Slavic heathens had no human rights at all; they were just “devil worshippers”; the word “slave” comes from the word “Slav”) and sold them to Jews, who sold them to Arabs. They were in fact bought and sold at Verdun in eastern France, the boys were castrated by Jews, and then they were sent down in carts to Marseilles, France to be shipped across the Mediterranean to the Arabs. The boys grew up as eunuchs to serve the sultan, others were worked TO DEATH in the galleys or as slaves in other areas, and the white Slavic women were stuck in harems. Thank you, o great Christian king Charlemagne!
  • John D. NugentCharlemagne also fully enforced feudalism on Europe, which meant formerly free white farmers became serfs. As serfs, except for the fact that they could not be bought and sold, they basically were slaves. They could not own arms, and thus could not defend their rights, they could not own land, nor move around, nor hunt game in the forest (and eating grain instead of meat made them protein-starved, malnourished, and physically shorter than their lords), nor could they change occupations. By Charlemagne’s decree they were to be peasants all their lives, living only on their lord’s land, giving him a huge percentage of their crop first before any thought was taken of their own survival.
    (Yes, they and their children could go ahead and starve; all that mattered to the lord was that he got his crops first for his own use or resale.)
    And when the lords went on some rampage, seeking to conquer the lands of the prince next to them, the first thing they did was burn down and loot the villages of the serfs.

The full horrors of Charlemagne’s system of feudalism were introduced to England by the Normans, and my account of the “Harrowing of the North” is particularly hair-raising:

See “The Horror of the Harrowing” 1/3rd down here: http://www.democratic-republicans.us/the-norman-conquest-gives-england-to-jews

The horror of the Harrowing

The deliberate annihilation by William and his Normans of all foodstocks and livestock – like Stalin’s “Holodomor” in the 1930s, a famine genocide which the Soviet dictator deliberately caused in the Ukraine to break the independent farmers – meant that anyone who survived the initial Norman massacres with the sword or lance would still die eventually of starvation over the northern European winter.

The land was even salted by the Normans – just as the Romans had done with Carthage – so as to destroy its fertility for decades forward.

As the monk Orderic relates – and again, this Orderic was otherwise a blatant admirer of William – the wretched survivors were reduced literally to the horrors of cannibalism and necrophagy. Some killed and ate their dying family members, and cracked open the skulls of the dead to devour their brains.

This is a chapter of British history of unparalleled darkness, unequaled until the Irish genocide by British Normans 1550-1850, and then the bombing by Norman-ruled Britain of the Saxon capital of Dresden in 1945, which killed at least 350,000 civilians (and horrified many good English people).

This deliberate campaign of terror or horror explains the Pope’s threat of excommunication. Unsurprisingly, among the starved, wretched survivors – with their immune systems severely weakened by hunger, physical abuse (including rape) and emotional trauma — a plague also followed, killing even more of England’s finest northern blood.

Orderic, though half-Norman himself and a supporter, like the pope, of the winner, could find no way to defend William after this unparalleled holocaust:

The King stopped at nothing to hunt his enemies. He cut down many people and destroyed their homes and land. Nowhere else had he shown such cruelty.

To his shame he made no effort to control his fury, and he punished the innocent with the guilty. He ordered that crops and herds, tools and food should be burned to ashes. More than 100,000 people perished of hunger.

I have often praised William in this book, but I can say nothing good about this brutal slaughter. God will punish him.

Interestingly, after that prediction, in his later years William’s wife died prematurely, and William’s own son

Robert Curthose rose up in revolt against him, ravaging his father’s Norman French domains.

The older William then became grossly fat, and in 1087 he was told that King Philip of France had described him as resembling a pregnant woman. Feeling insulted, a furious William then mounted an attack on the French king’s territory.

But after capturing and setting fire to the innocent city of Mantes, he was thrown high in the air by his horse, landed hard on his groin on the metal pommel of his saddle…..

Ouch… that is the pommel sticking up.

……and died after three weeks of agony from a ruptured groin. He was then friendless and absolutely, “utterly alone,” as Orderic notes.

Sadly, the four-year “Harrowing of the North” by William was just the beginning of a new, long dark age of Norman oppression, of the crushing of ancient freedoms for the English people, and soon after that for the Welsh, Scots and the Irish against whom English armies were sent.

William Wallace fights against the Normans (not against the common people of England!).

In some ways the Norman Conquest was not unlike the Bolshevik Revolution, which only involved about 50,000 bolsheviks, who took over a vast country of 150 million. The Norman Conquest, like the Bolshevik putsch, brought war, enslavement, exploitation and fear to the vast majority of the people.

And from this “harrowing” we can see that although the Normans had picked up the French language (from settling in northern France between 900 and 1066), and French certainly is the vehicle of a high culture full of wine, women, song, poetry, cuisine, beauty and elegance, the Normans themselves remained merely Viking marauders in their hearts, still being – to this very day – what the Anglo-Saxon “Battle of Maldon” poem said once of the Vikings: “pirates,” “scavengers” and “slaughter-wolves.”

All the British peoples had to learn bitterly that “if you make it, a Norman will take it” – your land, your crops, your pride, and if possible your wife’s or daughter’s virtue.

It all reminds me exactly of what, over in Eastern Asia, the psychopathic mongol Genghis Khan once said boastfully, giving his own infamous, peculiar definition of pleasure:

The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy, to drive him before you, to

see his cities reduced to ashes, to ride his horses, to see those who love him

shrouded in tears, and to take to your chest his wives and daughters.


See also my shocking essay:  http://www.democratic-republicans.us/psychopaths-in-power



These articles, in .pdf form, were all originally published in The Barnes Review, a truth-seeking historical magazine published on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., near the U.S. Capitol building on Pennsylvania Avenue. I was the associate editor of this unique magazine in 2005-2006. Because I wrote in the 1990s under the name “John Nugent,” it was decided that I should continue to publish under that name after 2005, although in 2004 my legal last name, restoring the original medieval family name, once again became “de Nugent.”

I thus confronted the rampant “freedom-fries” French-bashing perpetrated by the controlled American Jewsmedia in  2003-2004, especially by the neo-con FOX News Channel, whose pro-Iraq War personnel and guests overwhelmingly consisted of chicken hawks such as Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, the closet homosexual Shepard Smith, and the comedian-commentator Dennis Miller, all of whom have never served in any military uniform, yet called the French cowards for not joining in that insane invasion-occupation.

Shield (coat of arms) of Nogent-le-Rotrou

They also claimed Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction” with no evidence whatsoever, and helped cause immense moral and financial harm to our own country and a catastrophe for Iraq.  It was thus at the worst moment of the French-bashing by FOX that I decided to proudly reassert my distant (and partially) French ancestry by retaking the family name “de Nugent” from Nogent-le-Rotrou in Normandy.

And I pay tribute today to my French friends who ALL warned me — as an American and former Marine — after the horrible experience they had as French soldiers themselves fighting Arabs in the Algerian War of 1953-1960 — that it is folly to try to occupy ANY hostile Arabic country, and never, ever worth the stupendous cost in ethics, in treasure and in ruined reputation. Let them fight each other to the end of time — we must butt out of the Middle East!

Here now are some of my and Margi’s most important articles in The Barnes Review:

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 Mein Artikel aus 1999 in englischer und hier in deutscher Sprache (vom Revisionisten Jürgen Graf übersetzt): wer-waren-die-ureinwohner-amerikas-nugent-graf

* * *

Madagascar Plan



(Research by Ralph Grandinetti and myself, but actually written almost entirely by myself)





The young John Kennedy visits Germany in 1945 and reflects on Hitler




The Jew-murdered LIBERTY FORUM

My biggest thread was at Liberty Forum (2001-2008), one of the first true free-speech forums online where patriotic Americans could criticize Jewish power over our media and Wall Street without being “”banned.” Jewish cyberterrorists were so infuriated, apparently, at this thread that they deleted the entire forum in August 2008 to get at it, annihilating thereby hundreds of other threads in the process.

My thread, called “Apocalypse of the Psychopaths” at libertyforum.org, started off with my major movie review of Mel Gibson’s film “Apocalypto” – about the psychopathic ruling class of the ancient Mayas. I also portrayed Mel and his politically very incorrect father Hudson,and the truth about the hyper-violent Mayans and Aztecs – whose descendants are now flooding into our America as illegal aliens.

The thread then took off, and soared to eighty-seven thousand views. I was exposing there the role of literal psychopaths in society, both the Jewish and non-Jewish villains among us, and the FACT of ritual murder of white children by certain Jewish sects. I was exposing the Jewish role in 9/11. I was exposing the Jewish role in communism’s mass murders. I was ripping the Jewish leaders to shreds as the psychopaths they were and they are — promoting porn, abortion, pedophilia, homosexuality, banning Christmas and prayer, and sucking the blood out of the American economy through their Goldman Sachs/Bernie Madoff/Lehman Brothers/Wall Street mega-crookery, while Main Street and real Americans go under.

Three times the Jew cyberterrorists crashed this seven-year-old forum that was used and enjoyed by tens of thousands of concerned American citizens and others worldwide, and I believe it was most likely over my gigantic “Apocalypse” thread. For three days in November 2007 hackers had crashed it when I began homing in on Jewish ritual blood-draining murder of our kidnapped white children, admitted in the book Blood Passsover by the Israeli professor Ariel Toaff, son of the same Grand Rabbi of Rome who met with Pope John Paul II when he visited his synagogue.

They assaulted and shut down www.libertyforum.org for one solid week in late December 2007 right after my detailed analysis of why the truth about Jewish blood-draining child murders would prove a catastrophe to world Jewry. (I pointed out, among other things, that even hardened felons in prison loathe child murderers and molesters. When they are imprisoned, child killers as well as molesters often have to be put in isolation from the other prisoners.)

(Toaff has proved with massive, footnoted evidence that certain Jews of eastern European origin WERE abducting white children, and then torture-murdering them while they drained out their blood. The dried blood powder was then baked into matzoh for the Jewish passover. Here is the website where you yourself can read this Jewish professor’s study: bloodpassover.com.)

Ariel ToaffAnd since August 2008 libertyforum.org has been completely shut down. It was the end of a real online community where many of us had made friends.

Thank you, Jews, for murdering that wonderful free speech website, LIBERTY FORUM.ORG. Thank you for showing your true colors once again – as liberticides. You fear the truth, because as Christ said, the truth will set us free.

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Here is the horrifying truth about the weird image that Roosevelt put on the back of the US one-dollar bill: http://tinyurl.com/a8pqr


In 1935 [under President Rosenfeld, to use his Dutch-Jewish ancestor's name], the design of the one-dollar bill was changed again. On the obverse, the blue numeral 1 was changed to gray and made smaller, the gray ONE to the left was removed, the treasury seal was made smaller and superimposed by WASHINGTON D.C., and a stylized ONE DOLLAR was added over the treasury seal. The reverse was also changed to its current design, except for the absence of IN GOD WE TRUST. [JdN: that was added in 1957.]

While the vast majority of rank-and-file Masons (and of Mormons, and Christian Zionists) are decent, good Americans, they are being deceived by the mis-leaders who have infiltrated their faiths. (See my article on psychopaths in power: http://democratic-republicans.us/psychopaths-in-power/) Masonry has been captured by the Jews and is a transmission belt to transmit their agenda to unknowing Gentiles. Even nine of our Founding Fathers were sincere Masons, who believed Masonry stood for freedom and a rational approach to religion and society. In fact, it is a gigantic and lethal con game that takes advantage of white people’s naive faith in the goodness of others.

In many European languages the word ‘blue-eyed’ has the secondary meaning of NAIVE. This is the number-one flaw of the white race — where we all have blue-eyed genes in our family tree, whatever our own personal eye color. In the Ice Age, the first Solutrean whites survived by trusting their neighbors, but this trust must no longer be projected by wishful thinking onto those who have proved themselves by their hostile actions to be enemies of our freedoms and our interests.

No more Mr. Nice Guy. It is time for Whites to do as all other groups do and look out for our own SELF-INTERESTS.

We need a White Entertainment Network, a WHITE History Month, a white civil rights movement, and White Safety and Heritage Zones where the US Constitution and white local control are again in effect over our lives, as our Founding Fathers intended.

Our Revolutionary ancestors did not cast off the centralized rule from London by the king of England (in seven years of bitter war) so their descendants would live under a centralized federal dictatorship  ruled by the black racist emperor Barack Hussein Obama and his royal princess Michelle with NINE personal assistants. Obama is a non-US citizen — born in Kenya and raised in Muslim Indonesia!

America for Americans.

Civil rights for Whites.



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