.....Immediate reader reaction

"John, please be careful my friend. This idea of the Jew-free bank is an amazing and radical idea that could work.the difference here. Before, you were exposing the Jew peril; now you guys are making calculated efforts that could affect their money. As you know, they cannot have this! I will support any idea and any premise you and the Rebel have with this wonderful concept. Just please be careful and vigilant .This is possibly the ONE thing that could be done that could damage the Jew infrastructure the most. If you were to end up dead under mysterious circumstances, that would be an indelible loss .Happy Independence Day my friend, and stay safe. S"

I replied:

I am ready to kill or die at any second as an American white man for honor, nation and our race. The first sentence of my oath on entering the Marine Corps said: "defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic." The US terror regime, the bisexual, illegal-alien, jew-puppet tyrant Barack Hussein Obama, and the Big Jews of New York ARE the domestic enemies of the Constitution of the United States!


.....Hearbreaking scenes in Goldman-Sachs-raped Greece as the elderly beg their bank for 1/4 of their normal social security check 











But if you had money to start your own business, even as an open dissident you could still survive, still feed your family, and still keep exposing the enemy online and to your friends and neighbors;

...but if a Jew, then your money enables you to buy up gentile newspapers and tv stations; bribe politicians, or hire a detective, judges and prosecutors, to blackmail them or destroy them... You can take a country over with money.


This is why the Jews are flipping out.

Over the concept of a Jew-free bank

to help you survive, thrive,

and ultimately bring the Jews down.


This concept changes that!

...On a bank free of Jews to make us independent of them, by the Rebel of Oz

The Rebel is a blue-eyed German and family man down in Australia with advanced IT and marketing degrees who founded almost ten years ago the major website Ziopedia, now known as www.therebel.is  He is also ridiculously honest, even about the smallest things. He gave up a $200K a year IT career ten years ago to fight the Jews. It is for him all about liberating humanity from the Khazar conspiracy.

He is also my webmaster and runs my blogs on his site, such as this one exposing the Germanwings pilot who killed 150 people as a resentful, bisexual Jew.







This is my legacy to the dissident community. I am being prevented both from sending and receiving emails and even access my site. 

From a Jewish point of view, this is impeccable timing. I call it a Jewincidence, that is a “coincidence” that is “good for the Jews”.

There really is a “comedy team” in America with this very name. The concept is central to all Jewish thinking.


It all happened right at the time when I was about to properly launch my “money weaponising” project. The Jews must be really scared.

Shortly after blogging about my project, little over a week ago, my visitor numbers dropped dramatically, no more 6,000 to 20,000 users and 150,000 to 220,000 page views per day. The site has been virtually dead ever since.

To make matters worse, yesterday, the day I was locked out of my own site, was also the day when the hosting fee and related expenses became due. It is only a matter of time, maybe hours, a couple of days at the most, until my site will be suspended and be gone forever. Maybe it’s a good idea to print out a copy of this article.

I have a dream today

I have a dream of Heaven on Earth. A world where there is no such thing as poverty or hunger, no war or revolution, in fact no violence at all. In that vision of mine there is no place for any evils like drug abuse, sex slavery, paedophilia, perverted art, exploitation and abuse of any kind. People don’t have to spend 95% of their life’s income to pay for interest and taxes, because such evils are abolished, nor do they have to pay for energy -- because it’s free.

We will no longer be turned into zombies and made infertile with poisoned vaccines, air, water, food and pharmaceuticals.

Women will be able to stay at home to look after their children, if they want to, because their husbands will make enough money to take care of all the bills, and nobody will dare to belittle women because they follow their instincts and their heart.

Homosexuality will no longer be tolerated. While people will be free to live out their perversions in the privacy of their homes, provide they don’t harm anyone but themselves, our children will certainly no longer be made believe that it’s normal for a man to stick his penis into another men’s arse.

Race mixing will neither be forbidden nor encouraged. The beauty of diversity lies in the differences. If you don’t agree go to a smorgasbord, load your plate with all your favourite foods and ask the kitchen to blend it together for you. Bon appétit.

Products will be manufactured wherever the clients are. No more moving production to slave labour countries, only so that the banksters make a few more bucks.

The key to Heaven on Earth is a World without Jews

The big hurdle against the fulfilment of this dream is the Jews. Not only have they turned us in their virtual slaves by making us work 95% of our life to pay for Jewish bank interest, Jewish puppet-government taxes and Jewish-corporation-supplied energy. They control what we know, believe and think, and have turned our parliaments into whorehouses and the legal fraternity into pimps.

If we want to derail the Jew World Order, we must attack them on all four fronts. It’s asymmetrical warfare, so we need to be smart.

Jiu-Jitsu shows us how to defeat a bigger and stronger opponent. The trick is to use the strength of the enemy and turn it against him. The biggest strength of the Jew is his money. As long as he sucks out 95% of our life earnings, through interest, energy and taxes, he can buy all the governments and armies, media, schools and univesities of the world, plus the politicians and judges.

How to defeat the Jews

The only way to defeat the Jews is by beating them at their own game. We can educate people as much as we want. and maybe elect governments sympathetic to how we feel. And yet, it won’t make any difference, because they can’t do Jack shit.

As long as the Jews control the money, they can finance anything that’s “good for the Jews”.We need to weaponise money just as they do -- and finance the things that are "good for us" and “bad for the Jews.”

I can think of thousands of projects, such as developing cheap solar power solutions that help people get off the grid. Imagine how much money would remain in your pocket, if you no longer have to pay for petrol [gasoline for you Yanks], gas heat and electricity.

We can finance effective media that employs investigative journalists to help make people more Jew-aware. We can buy back our politicians and academics, our radio and TV stations, and develop perma-culture education centres and distribution networks teaching people how to grow healthy food and sell their surplus.

We can finance research to develop the Tesla free-energy machine, cars that only run on free electricity, and cancer treatments that will work. We can provide activists with an online payment solution that won’t be cancelled at a whim of the Jews. And we can set up bookstore chains that sell books that the Jews certainly don’t like.

The list is endless; I could go on all day. However, I’m sure you are already getting the drift.

Once we seize control of their money weapon, they are defenceless like a tank or a battleship that’s run out of fuel.

How to create a Jew-free bank

It’s not all that difficult. All we need is set up national banks. Different countries have different rules how much money we need to come up with. In most countries it’s around 100 to 200 Million Dollars, in some more and in some less.

We just need to put together a network of activists who chat up people on the street. We will sell shares that will pay out dividends like any other bank. In fact, there will be hardly any difference, except that the Jews will be cut out of the deal. Even more important will be a policy that we will not finance projects that are “good for the Jews.”

The reason making it a share-based company is not just that it is an easy way to raise funds. More important even is that share ownership is anonymous, so the holders don’t need to be afraid of retaliation by the Jews.

We are going to make it a brick-and-mortar kind of a setup with retail outlets, like most banks. We will employ people and pay them salaries, and will consult to our corporate customers how to run their “bad for the Jews” businesses profitably and not go broke in the first couple of years.

Of course we are not going to trade our share on the Jew-controlled stock market. That would be stupid because they could screw us over in hundreds, if not thousands, of different ways. But who said that company shares need to be traded on a stock exchange? They don’t. We can sell them on a table in a stall at a community market or on a card table on the sidewalk.

The Jews can’t do anything about it

Best of it all is that the Jews can’t do anything to stop it. The rules they have written to make it easy for them to screw us, can be just as well used against them. Eat that, Abe!

The more they torment us, the easier it will become to sell enough Jew-free bank shares. We have the numbers on our side. All we have to do is what the buffalos did in my recent “Dirty Dozen” video, join forces against the predating lions -- and trample them to death.

I don’t care what you call it -- personally I like “Rebel Bank” -- but that’s just me. The only thing that really matters is that our Jew-free banks use all of their money to only finance projects that are “bad for the Jews”.

All the Jew-free banks all over the world will work together to cut out the Jews in international money transfers too. That would be a huge coup. Winston Churchill admitted once that the only reason why he forced Hitler into war was because his Jewish overlords were upset that he cut the “City” out with his baarter deals with Mexico and Rumania (German machines for oil and grain).


As you can see, this plan is brilliant -- and best of all., it will work. The Jews do realise that, and are shit scared. That’s the only reason why they have hijacked my site and are making it impossible for me to send and receive emails. They know that if I can make this happen it’s the biggest threat to the Jew World Order in the past 70 years.

I don’t care if they arrest or kill me, or just make it impossible for me to run the Rebel Site. It would only prove that my plan will work. Just remember, nobody is irreplaceable. Anybody can use my plan and implement it. The more countries, the better. Remember the buffalo stomping the lion. It’s time for a world without Jews.

....How to do it, by the Rebel

If you want to support this project, possibly the best chance we will ever get, register as a member in the closed "Rebel Bank" community group, and start fundraising for the project and recruiting volunteers.Each volunteer has two targets to be achieved within 2 weeks of time (important!):
1. Raise a minimum of US$100 or 100 EUR, no matter how many donors you need to get to that amount and send it to my via my rebelofoz@hushmail.com PayPal account, stating "Rebel Bank" (as opposed to "Rebel Site") as the purpose of the amount.2. Recruit a minimum of 3 volunteers, to do exactly the same, raise US$100 respectively 100 EUR and recruit 3 volunteers as well, again in 2 weeks.

The 2 week periods are mission critical. If you look at the Excel spreadsheet below, we will only need 14 periods, that is 6-7 months to raise US$200 Mio, which is about the right amount to start our first bank, as long as we stick to this plan. We haven't decided yet, in which country we will start, but I suspect it's going to be either in the US or the UK. Once we have the US$200 Mio. we will officially register the bank and start issuing shares to raise more capital to finance as many "bad for the Jews" projects as we possibly can.

.....The Rebel must keep his site up to promote this banking revolution!

I also need him to stay in business because he is my webmaster, he hosts my site, he fends off hacking and viruses, and by carrying  my blogs he deters the Jews from silencing me by attacking my own site. There is always his site if mine temporarily is taken down!

Use PayPal on his site.... paypal




Just use the yellow PayPal button on his site!

OR send a donation to me and mark it either "Rebel site" to keep his site up or "Rebel Bank" to go to his new project. (Or half to me, half to him, whatever you wish.)

Financial transaction certified by Stripe.com and SSL certificate. Pls donate $5 or more. Thank you!

Donate Now

.....website visitors worldwide

7/4 @ 9:45 : Verdun, CA
7/4 @ 9:44 : Ironwood, Michigan, US
7/4 @ 9:44 : Nutley, New Jersey, US
7/4 @ 9:43 : Seven Hills, AU
7/4 @ 9:42 : Merseburg, DE
7/4 @ 9:40 : Netherlands, NL
7/4 @ 9:38 : Modling, AT
7/4 @ 9:34 : Langenlonsheim, DE
7/4 @ 9:33 : Perth, AU
7/4 @ 9:30 : Ironwood, Michigan, US
7/4 @ 9:29 : Schwarzenbach an der Saale, DE
7/4 @ 8:31 : Piestany, SK
7/4 @ 8:30 : Ironwood, Michigan, US
7/4 @ 8:26 : Denver, Colorado, US
7/4 @ 8:23 : Oey, CH
7/4 @ 8:23 : Hagen, DE
7/4 @ 8:22 : Herndon, Virginia, US
7/4 @ 8:22 : Freiberg, DE
7/4 @ 8:17 : Ironwood, Michigan, US
7/4 @ 8:17 : Fredrikstad, NO
7/4 @ 8:17 : Germany, DE
7/4 @ 8:15 : Herndon, Virginia, US
7/4 @ 8:15 : Blieskastel, DE
7/4 @ 8:13 : Odenville, Alabama, US

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The staggering vanity and narcissism of the young

by John de Nugent on Juli 3, 2015

......The role model of American narcissism:: I'm special 'cuz I'm black & way cool




time_magazine 2008_obama



obama-chin-very- high

....Australian report on narcissism in young Internet/Facebook users 



.....Big Pittsburgh-area steel mill hires over 50s

  • Rob Stirner I'm 33; I don't think I fit into this narcissistic demographic. 😉
  • John D. Nugent There is a big steel mill in the Pittsburgh area  that prefers to hire only men over 50. Their attitude is better and they pass the heroin drug test.
    Businesses notice it too -- how spoiled rotten and full of "attitude" many of the under-40s are. :-(

.....Some Facebook "friends" that R radically full of themselves


1) a young WN with a website
close-up of his facial expression and the look in his eyes; "I am hot stuff" 😉
"I am so brilliant"
2) a young WN who wants me to join his group, a "Vincent Reich Glaber." He wrote me (and this is an actual copy-and-paste!):
I took to the streets a few days ago with leaflets, first time I ever did something as blunt as that.

Conversed with people, and ended up liking it. I was so good at it that one of the girls I approached ended up allowing me to take her number and wanted to go out tomorrow on a 'date'. Ode to my charm.

The charm, charisma, intelligence,uniqueness and passion that I possess are such a profound gift that any organization blessed enough to have it all at their disposal would end up rathering it [? -- is this a new word?] than a hundred regulars.


Everyone else
I replied to this young person:
Do you not find this a narcissistic mindset in yourself? The brutal truth is that after reading this. all psychologists would diagnose you as a narcissist.
[No response; I guess I am hopelessly incapable of appreciating his genius. ;-)]
Chat Conversation End
 3) Henrik Holappa,  who stayed at our home at our expense for eight months July 2008-March 2009, received English classes from me, we spent $2,000 on his political asylum lawyer, and then he turned viciously on us both at the direct behest of David Duke; notice the expression in every photo:
As a buck private in the Finnish Army, already a field marshal 😉
Although he weighs about 120 pounds, and I weigh 190 pounds - of muscle - he threatened to rape me in prison one day. 😉
What, concretely now, are his great achievements?
Unable to get any girlfriend in the US in the eight months he was with us, or when back in Europe after June 2009,  I got him (ironically, by vouching for him) both the ones he has had, a mentally ill French girl that her father abused, and then a 200-pound California woman living in Sweden, by whom he fathered a child out of wedlock, as is de rigeur these days.
His own group, Kansallinen Vastarinta [National Resistance], funded by Swedes, voted him out as leader.
In 2011 he "ordered" me (his word, and in all caps), to stop my counter-attacks on his leader, the ultimate narcissist David Duke, and called me "Johnny Boy."
3) Michael M. who embezzled $4,200 from me and Margi in December 2012
I saved this kid from the street because he was big, strong, had been an Army military policeman, he had computer skills, especially with Linux,  and could fix cars - and was facing homelessness, his father was a child molester and his mom a druggie shacked up with a black guy. In return for saving him from homelessness and letting him us my car for five months, he stole $4200 from us and we had to sell our car, though living in the country, and walk for six months.
4) an assistant I had in 2010-11 who left me in a rage over literally nothing, then became a professional shoplifter, and now has a felony record. Having married a WN woman, he got her pregnant and then quit a lucrative job -- abandoning financially and in every way his wife and child.
5) A European WN who got me to do extensive free work for his film project, then began insulting me once the work was done, and when I told him he no longer had permission to use my free work for him, wrote me, in Austrian dialect: "Sans froh, dass so weit weg san."  "Be glad you live so far away." I wrote back: "You are threatening a US Marine?" He then went on a Skype chat and said I was an agent who had just "confessed" I was a US Marine ( = and, ergo, worked for the Jews?).
So what objectively makes a person so megalomanic? Clinical, diagnosible narcissism:

"I am the center of the universe and you exist to serve me. I don't owe you any thanks; feel privileged to have known and served me."

.....Getting themselves killed taking a "selfie"

....."You are nothing"

This narcissism is the exact and precise opposite of national socialism: "you are nothing; your people is everything."






A book of memories of the Hitler Youth




For Anglo-Americans this concept that "you are nothing; your folk is everything" may seem antlike, hivelike, Asiatic, totalitarian, and violating the individual.

But the reality is that ego causes suffering and happiness does come from helping others.  It comes from WE, not ME.

Finally as Vedanta teaches, what are "we" anyway?

We are constantly suffering, always feeling slighted, or insulted or dissed, individuals feeling like lonely atoms  -- painful knots of memories and desires.

But the truth is this: No one really is special. If you want to be special, then be unselfish unlike the rest.

We all want and need the same things.

Love, meaning, safety, food and shelter.

Ego just makes monsters, like the young men who betrayed my care.

Only in WE is happiness.

I am nothing; my people is everything. You are nothing, your people is everything.

Thou art naught; thy folk is all.

Du bist nichts; dein Volk ist alles.

This is what made Hitler and his idea immortal!

When the spirit off "I am nothing; my folk is everything" truly is reborn in us, not the raw ego of jew world, we will be victorious again!



"from a whole other world," yes, "transcendental, on another level," true -- He came to us narcissists from a world of unselfish and heroic love!

He came once and He shall return!


.....website visitors worldwide

7/4 @ 8:31 : Piestany, SK
7/4 @ 8:30 : Ironwood, Michigan, US
7/4 @ 8:26 : Denver, Colorado, US
7/4 @ 8:23 : Oey, CH
7/4 @ 8:23 : Hagen, DE
7/4 @ 8:22 : Herndon, Virginia, US
7/4 @ 8:22 : Freiberg, DE
7/4 @ 8:17 : Ironwood, Michigan, US
7/4 @ 8:17 : Fredrikstad, NO
7/4 @ 8:17 : Germany, DE
7/4 @ 8:15 : Herndon, Virginia, US
7/4 @ 8:15 : Blieskastel, DE
7/4 @ 8:13 : Odenville, Alabama, US


Three American doctors promoting alternative medicine murdered in one week by feds; why I am heavily armed and just gunned up

Juli 3, 2015

…..3 Alternative Health Doctors Found Dead In the Last 2 Weeks After Run-Ins With The Feds By John Vibes on July 2, 2015 [source: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/3-alternative-health-doctors-dead-run-ins-feds/#IJprim7lM12hIyiZ.99] 674Share 175 21 48Reddit 482Tweet image: http://tftppull.freethoughtllc.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/3-doctors-in-1-month-die.jpg In the past several weeks, a number of controversial natural health doctors have died under mysterious circumstances. Some of them have even had recent encounters […]

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J.B. Campbell calls for a coup against Fagbama and his pedophile Jews

Juli 2, 2015

Humvee with mounted, shielded 50- caliber machine gun, part of a convoy running around Billings, Montana, 200 miles from any military base   Karl Rove, Republican strategist: after Charleston, the only solution is to take the guns   Obama orders White House lit on June 27, 2015 in „gay rainbow“ colors to celebrate SCOTUS ruling […]

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Why the fake Charleston church massacre? Partly to damn the Confederate flag and Southern whites

Juli 2, 2015

…..Hoh-hum, yet another black-on-white hate crime the media will not be all over White Man gets beaten in MetroLink train in St Louis Original Video …..My articles on black slavery, Jewish and northern greed, economic stangulation, and the reason why the Confederacy happened A southerner on the Confederacy; truth about black slavery; if „Jade Helm“ […]

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GERMAN Honsik: Oesterreichs Landeshauptmaenner rebellieren gegen die „Fluechtlingsquote“; was heisst es, „den Nutzen des deutschen Volkes mehren“?

Juli 1, 2015

ENGLISH BLOGS RIGHT COLUMN von Gerd Honsik http://de.metapedia.org/wiki/Gerd_Honsik   [Text von Gerd Honsik/Deutschösterreicher im Exil in Spanien; Fotos von mir, John de Nugent] Juni 2015 Vom Aufstand der Bürgermeister Todesquote [des österr. Bundeskanzlers Werner] Faymanns abgeschmettert! Die Siedlungspolitik unserer Regierungen, die sich hinter dem Tarnwort „Asyl“ verbirgt, stellt ein Verbrechen gegen die UN-Charta dar, wie in der UN-Resolution […]

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GERMAN Aldi/Gießen kapituliert vor „Flüchtlingen“ – Zu viele Diebstähle

Juli 1, 2015

ENGLISH BLOGS RIGHT COLUMN  ———– Gastbeitrag: Aldi in Gießen kapituliert vor „Flüchtlingen“ – Zu viele Diebstähle Gastbeitrag 29. Juni 2015   https://hessennachrichten.wordpress.com/2015/06/29/gastbeitrag-aldi-in-giesen-kapituliert-vor-fluchtlingen-zu-viele-diebstahle/  Symbolbild Aldi-Süd Filiale Der Aldi in Giessen im Oberlachweg 7 hatte schon seit längerem nichts mehr zu lachen: Nur etwa 15min zu Fuß entfernt von der Außenstelle des Hessischen Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung in der Rödgener Straße, […]

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FRENCH Horst Mahler hospitalisé; les preuves de la réincarnation

Juli 1, 2015

ENGLISH BLOGS RIGHT COLUMN [Toutes les photographies ont été ajoutées par moi, JdN. Je connais Horst Mahler et je l’interviouai en 2006, avec Sylvia Stolz à son côté, lors du procés à Mannheim contre Ernst Zündel, et je lui parlai trois jours avant sa condemnation en 2009 à plus de douze ans de prison.] . […]

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Lying-bastard NASA cuts transmission as UFOs shoot past International Space Station

Juli 1, 2015

WATCH: NASA cuts live video transmission as THREE UFOs fly past Earth NASA was reportedly forced to end a live stream from the International Space Station as THREE UFOs blasted out of Earth’s atmosphere. By AARON BROWN http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/science-technology/586976/NASA-International-Space-Station-UFO-Video-Youtube-Shocking-Proof-Alien-Life PUBLISHED: 13:35, Mon, Jun 29, 2015 | UPDATED: 13:53, Mon, Jun 29, 2015 18K 359 This shocking footage […]

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To my Facebook „friends“ who just type stuff and never donate to anyone — not just me; 102 degrees in Germany

Juli 1, 2015

…….Chelsea Clinton gets $75K for a speech http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3144664/Hillary-2-0-Chelsea-Clinton-demands-65-000-10-minute-speech-public-university-staff-refuse-pay-mother-s-275-000-fee.html …..Rule reminder I can tell by massive typos, and illogical and impulsive remarks, that comrades are even typing while three sheets to the wind. 😉 Depressed? Understandable! But beer (which cost you $7 for a sixpack, and is a DEPRESSANT) will not stop the Jews! Only well-funded […]

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