The gaygenda is eventually no marriage, test-tube unigender babies, pedophilia, bestiality, and a Brave New World of sexless slaves and a master race khazarocracy.

....Jewish fetish website


A British comrade ("BC") sent me this info:


It was set up by two Canadian Jews named John Baku and James Golick.  This pair have a history of creating this sort of content on the web. Perhaps you'd like to dig their activities for a story on your blog.


JdN: Amazing... There was a hit movie recently about bondage and torture -- and brainless, humanimal women flocked to it en masse...

BC: Yeah, "50 Shades," wasn't it?... 
JdN: yes. The book sold fifty million copies (
"...the underlying theme is that bondage, dominance, and sadomasochism are normal and pleasurable."[44] The organization Stop Porn Culture called for a boycott of the movie based on the book because of its sex scenes involving bondage and violence.[45]"
And the movie ( has taken in $569 million.

Despite mixed reviews, it was an immediate box office success, breaking numerous box office records and earning over $569 million worldwide. It is currently the third-highest-grossing film of 2015.

Its sequels, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, are scheduled to be released on February 10, 2017, and February 9, 2018 respectively.


So what kind of website is this breeding and milking thing.... Is this is for real? Or some sort of honey-trap website?
BC: Someone on Craig's List told me about it, so I made an account to investigate what they do there.

Bondage, BDSM & Fetish Community - FetLife
3,894,247 Members have shared 20,249,048 pictures and 186,846 videos, participated in 4,986,739 discussions in 87,154 groups, are going to 346,580 events and reading 1,845,007 blog posts. Welcome to kinky heaven!

It's basically like a Facebook of sexual degeneracy and filth.
JdN: I note a "Jay Wiseman," Jew, endorses it on the homepage....
It even has topics to lure anti-NWO people in! These Jews (of all people) are cynically "exposing" chemtrails and MK-ULTRA" No doubt a bunch of evil WASPs and Nazi Germans with blond hair and blue eyes (hey, ask Alex Jones) are behind it! 😉
What Judaism is is a a religion, and only my coming counter-religion can stop it.
And as Edgar Cayce said, the Jews of today are the reincarnated Sons of Belial who destroyed Atlantis. As an unpublished Cayce book said, they are "reincarnated criminals."



A comrade sent me a wonderful essay by Matt Koehl, but objected piously and forgivably to me saying Hitler was a nobody until 30 (1889-1919), but admitted Hitler never rose above corporal in WWI.

I replied:

Dear AT,

Thanks very much for the work of scanning in and sending me the Matt Koehl material, which is indeed fantastic. In fact, I just uploaded the pdf to my website. (below)

Matt Koehl, the successor to George Lincoln Rockwell, wrote Faith of the Future in 1995. I cared deeply for the man, a former US Marine of German heritage, and a deep NS thinker and "carer" about our race ( though not a charismatic leader like Rockwell). I was deeply saddened when he died last year in New Berlin, Wisconsin. (I had a feeling I should phone  him, but darn it, did not act on my intuition. Then I heard he had passed on to his reward. He is doing fine, wherever in Valhalla he is!

He was one of those men you say was "too good for this world."


Matt Koehl - Faith Of The Future [OCR](1)

Getting back to Hitler rising only to corporal in WWI, I must say I sense you have never served [in uniform], and so let me tell you, even if you have pardonable Hitler-deifying tendencies, that in in combat -- and when lots of of men are being killed, as they were in WWI -- it is easy to rise very fast if you have any leadership skills.


My father made, from what he told me, staff sergeant (E-6) in WWII in the Marines in 18 months. He made captain in Korea (O-3) in under two years, and in fact was actually running a battalion, a position for a major, with 600 combat Marines under him, at age twenty-two. (Wiki: "Majors are typically assigned [to] battalion-sized units of 300 to 1,200 soldiers.")

You know why he rose so fast, AT?


Because all the officers directly over him were (what is the best layman word for it?) -- ah yes, they were.... "killed." 

Anyone who got two Iron Crosses, including First Class, and I assume you never read my explanation of first class in the WWI content, should have been a staff or master sergeant after over four years.  Hitler, for great valor, won two Iron Crosses for bravery in WWI. You can see his Iron Cross, First Class, above, hanging on his jacket, right below the left pocket-flap button.

At the funeral of Reinhard Heyrich, with Himmler and Heydrich's two blond sons.


On average, only 1 enlisted German soldier in 1,000 during WWI was awarded the Iron Cross First Class. Unlike in WWII, the Eisernes Kreuz Erste Klasse was normally reserved for officers ONLY. (Other countries back then had similar rules.)


Here is an officer, Lieutenant Leffers, wearing his Iron Cross First Class. You had to be a "super trooper" as an enlisted man to get a medal reserved for officers. Hitler was.

lieutenant-leffers-iron-cross-first-class-wwiI have never bashed Adolf Hitler; and anyone who knows my writing or videos knows that I did these videos honoring the man: (just play the videos!)

GERMAN Asylanten vergreifen sich frech an deutschen Maedchen; junger Kamerad will kaempfen - John de Nugent

Had you read August Kubizek's book about Hitler the teenager (the two were buddies in Linz and Vienna), you would know Hitler was odd, as even his adoring friend conceded -- but not in a bad way, just "otherworldly." Different....clearly different... 😉

Thanks again for the Koehl pdf, which is wonderful.  I loved Matt Koehl and miss him.



PS Someday this email will make you smile.

Hitler WAS a great man,  just not a god, nor does the human race DESERVE a god.

In many incarnations we, as our ancestors, let this Jewish thing fester, yes, you and I.

Read Martin Luther who in 1543 was urging the Germans to solve the Jewish crisis once and for all! Or Henry Ford in 1920!

"Gee, I sure hope SOMEONE ELSE stops the Jews!" 😉 In 43 AD, in 543 AD, in 1543 AD and in 1943 AD. 😉

And now the cancer has metastacized, as many great men WARNED, and spread throughout the body of society.

Cancer_cell, brain

Baby Edda Goering, now 76, and her godfather


We didn't listen to Jesus either!


....How to wake up a zombie in three minutes

All it takes, the silver bullet, is to show any Christian this video, and watch their expression:

  • I have had people watch it once, seen their jaw literally drop 😉 , and when I suggest a month later we view it again, throw their hands up and say: "No! I've seen it enough!" The look on their face means business! There is no faster was to waken people up than THIS ONE VIDEO!

    Even atheists and agnostics think Jesus was a deluded but sincere and good guy, preaching peace and love, and feel sorry for Him as am impractical idealist. Muslims honor Jesus, and so do Buddhists and Hindus. That he can be soo hated by anyone is incomprehensible. THIS IS THE ONLY VIDEO THAT LITERALLY DROPS THEIR JAW.

.....Eternal Solutreanism

.....How to donate


John 8:44, my favorite Bible verse

Mai 28, 2015

A member of GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE in Bedford Hills, NY disliked my blog:”ENGLISH Israeli lecher and CEO dances naked in front of his inferior, goy American employees”…/english-israeli-lecher-and-ceo-da…/ Autor: Costos (IP:, E-Mail: URL: Whois: Kommentar: Hey dipshit lets face it, you would have sucked his cock on the spot if you […]

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GERMAN Asylanten vergreifen sich frech an deutschen Maedchen; junger Kamerad will kaempfen

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…..Bayern: Asylanten vergreifen sich an deutschen Mädchen Deutsche Mädchen werden zum Sexualobjekt für Asylanten. Foto: Schorle/Wikimedia(CC BY-SA 3.0) Nicht einmal kleine Mädchen sind vor notgeilen Asylanten sicher. In Neunburg vorm Wald im deutschen Bundesland Bayern vergriffen sich ein Syrer und ein Iraker an zwei 14-jährigen Mädchen. Die beiden Asylwerber stellten den Mädchen im Stadtpark und […]

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UPDATE On DNA studies of neanderthals and semites

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…..UPDATE May 29, 2015 On a closed Facebook group entitled “Races of Man (Racial Classifications)” ( I made the following appeal for scientific date on the neanderthal-semite link ( I just did a post on my blog on neanderthals and Near Easterners (Arabs, Jews, but also Khazars, Armenians, Chechen, Georgians, etc.).…/on-dna-studies-of-neanderthals-an…/ (Click “Follow Link” when Zuckerbook issues its […]

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To a skeptic; Swedish Weekly — Leftists get a taste at home of their own medicine; how I could have used NUMEC to awaken America

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Humanimals hungry for their bad karma; stop whining about IS

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From a notice today by the Rebel of Oz (Australia; The Rebel is easily the most radical Jew-aware dissident website. With fire-brand type main writers such as John Kaminski, Yukon Jack and Rebel of Oz and high-profile guest writers like John de Nugent, Mike King and Jim Stone you won’t find a more explosive […]

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GERMAN (Rebel of Oz) An alle meine Lieben (die denken, dass ich verrückt geworden bin)

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The Rebel on a Jewess complaining about a “Jewish swimsuit issue”

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